Online4EDU Results - Beneficiaries’ Skills Gap and Training Needs Analysis


Results Overview

As set out in the Research Guidelines, the context and use of Online Collaborative tools by teachers in Estonia, Germany, Latvia, and Lithuania were explored. Three research tools were employed:


  • Desktop research to investigate national policies and activities relating to ICT-facilitated education
  • Quantitative survey research to gather information from teachers relating to their use of online collaborative tools
  • Structured interviews of national experts or stakeholders to add context and depth to the topic of the use of online collaborative tools by teachers


Outputs from each of these research activities will help to structure the curriculum that will form the basis for the Online4EDU programme, ensuring that it is relevant and fit-for-purpose. The research outputs will serve to highlight the importance of developing teachers’ competence in this area, and could potentially be used to highlight this as a policy objective at both a national and European level.

Frank Mockler, BCS Koolitus, ECDL Foundation, Informaciniu technologiju institutas, Latvijas Informacijas un Komunikacijas Tehnologijas Asociacija, Stiftung Digitale Chancen